Interior and Exterior Photography

HOMES UP TO 1,499 SQ. FT  – Up to 20 interior and exterior processed images … $150.00

HOMES 1,500 – 2,999 SQ. FT – Up to 25 interior and exterior processed images … $225.00

HOMES 3,000 – 3,999 SQ. FT – Up to 30 interior and exterior processed images … $350.00

HOMES 4,000 – 4,999 SQ. FT – Up to 35 interior and exterior processed images … $400.00

Homes 5,000 – 5,999 SQ. FT – Up to 40 interior and exterior processed images … $475.00  


Homes 6,000 SQ. FT. or larger Please call for a quote. 423-653-2201

Virtual Tour via Tour Buzz: … $25.00 

We offer two methods of photographing your listing.  HDR or Flash-Ambient Blending ” Flambient”. 

HDR:HDR, ” high dynamic range” is a more dramatic type photography where multiple exposures are taken and then blended and toned in lightroom and photoshop.  With this type of photography images are very vivid with contrast. Sample HDR Image

Flambient: Flambient photography has a more natural look. Two or more ambient exposures are taken and One or more Flash exposures are taken and then blended, processed and toned in lightroom and photoshop. Sample Flambient Image

No matter which method you choose, we will deliver professionally taken, color corrected beautiful images. 

Add On Service Rates

15 Exterior Photographs: (extra shots of home, neighborhood, community etc.) $99.00

Twilight Exterior: Add a Twilight Shot of the home for an additional $75.00 Sample Twilight Photograph

Aerial Photography: 10 Photographs $125.00

Aerial Video Of Property (2 minutes) Exterior: $125.00


Professionally edited and color corrected images for you to choose from.

24 -48 hour turn around time.

Final files will be delivered in High Resolution and MLS format of your choice. I can also provide the correct formats for Social Media at no additional charge.

24/7 download access.

( Due to travel time and fuel cost, A fee of $25 will be added to any job 25 miles outside of the 37415 zip code)



Interior and Exterior Videography

HOMES UP TO 1,999 SQ. FT – Includes exterior and interior video of property listing … $200.00 ( Add Aerial Video For $25.00)

HOMES 2,000 – 2,999 SQ. FT – Includes exterior and interior video of property listing … $250.00 ( Add Aerial Video For $25.00)

HOMES 3,000 – 3,999 SQ. FT – Includes exterior and interior video of property listing with Drone Aerial Video Included … $300.00

HOMES 4,000 – 4,999 SQ. FT – Includes exterior and interior video of property listing with Drone Aerial Video Included … $325.00

HOMES Larger than 5,000 SQ. FT. Please Call For Pricing 423-653-2201


Traditional Video Shot On Tripod & Sliders or Walk Through Perspective Type Video Shot With Professional Stabilizers. 

Traditional Video:Traditional video is shot in high definition with the camera mounted on a tripod and a slider.  This type of video is very cinematic and usually slower paced.

Walk Through Perspective: Walk Through Perspective video is shot on a professional stablizier and gives the impression of actually walking through the home.


[setmoreplus link]  


Virtual Tours: A high resolution slideshow of images, including background music, zoom/pan effects, with realtor contact information and property address all nicely packaged on a single webpage. Branded and unbranded versions are available … $25  (This is free with any package priced at $174.99 or higher)

Virtual Tours are presented via TourBuzz. To see an example of a virtual tour, please click HERE.


(The pricing below are for standalone service.  When purchased with a package the price is lower.)

Get spectacular aerial photos or video to help market your property. Our aerial videographer is an experienced, fully licensed and insured UVA (drone) operator.

Up to 10 aerial photos only … $175.00

Two minutes of edited high definition aerial video … $175.00

Up to 2 minutes of high definition  edited video and up to 10 aerial photos color corrected and enhanced… $325.00


1 Room: $65.00

2 Rooms: $125.00

3 Rooms: $180.00

4 Rooms: $225.00

Turnaround Time depends on the number of images. A single image can usually be processed within 24 hours.


If you can provide high resolution jpeg or prefered raw files, can easily edit and color corect your images.  We also offer other services as well.

Photo Edit and Enhance:  Only .99 per image (20 image Minimum)

Object Removal or Replacement: Remove unwanted items from animage, faux fire in fireplace, sky or grass replacement … $10 each/photo


Payments will be received prior to delivery of images. Payments can be processed either on site or online via Square (for credit cards), Venmo, check or cash. A link will be sent to download once payment has been received.


Brite Home Photo understands that homes may not be ready for shooting as expected.

It is the responsibility of the agent to inform us as soon as possible for rescheduling. A photo session that is rescheduled or canceled after 8pm the day before will be charged a 50% rescheduling fee. Once a photographer has arrived at a property the order may be cancelled, however there will be no refund. Reschedules will be subject to availability.


There will be times services cannot be completed due to weather. When this happens, the decision about shooting is up to the agent. If the agent chooses to proceed with photography, we will provide the best images we can. If additional outdoor photos are needed on a better weather day, our standard reshoot fee will apply.

No reschedule fee will be charged due to bad weather. Reschedules will be subject to availability.


We are happy to reshoot your property for a minimum of $85 for up to 15 images. Any more will be $5/photo.


We can provide professional headshots for a small fee of $50.00 (If you use our services, we will be more than happy to do this service for free)

Call To Schedule A Real Estate Photography Shoot.

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