Home Preparation Before The Shoot

Anything that can be seen by someone looking at the rooms inside, and in the yard outside, will be recorded by the camera. The camera can’t overlook clutter.

The photographer can use their creativity in many cases to avoid what they don’t want to include in the image, but generally, if there’s something that can be stored away, please do.

Kitchen: Empty the sink, remove trash, put away everything that can be stored. Clear the counter tops. Toaster, mixer, chopOmatic, whatever, …store them away.  Take a phone photo of the frig magnets and sticky notes so that they can be stored away then replaced properly after the photographer leaves. Cords, calendars and memo pads…store away.

Dining Room: a table setting properly set is fine. A cleared table is good, too. Remove the leaf to make the table small unless the room is large enough that the table fits better with the leaf in. Remove anything from the room that doesn’t belong in the photos, such as a jacket hanging on a chair, unevenly burned candles, out of season decorations, etc.

Family Room:  Remove game controllers, TV remotes, reading materials, anything that can be stored away.  No magazines or any loose items should be visible.

Bedrooms:  Put away …Stuff:  …shoes, kleenex box, socks, shirts hanging on doors, medicine bottles, everything…anything loose that isn’t a decoration, take them off the tops of furniture and put away.

Baths:  Put away everything… soap, toothbrushes, TP, deodorant spray. If you have show towels that nobody is allowed to use, those are OK. Everything else needs to be stored.

Replace all burned out light bulbs because the photographer is going to turn all the lights on in the house. Turn off the ceiling fans. Open the blinds and drapes. Make them look neat and uniform from room to room. Blinds with bent panels or hanging at odd angles should be corrected, repaired or at least raised or adjusted to eliminate the visible condition.

Any small, loose rugs. Put them away. Hide all pet indicators;.. beds, food bowls, etc.

Outside…No cars should be in the driveway, in the yard, or in front of the house along the street. Hoses should be off the spigots and stored out of sight. Trash cans should be out of sight. Make the landscaping look as good as possible and please cut the grass a day or so before the photographer arrives.

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